About us

Association of Employers in Croatian Hospitality (AECH) is the leading professional business association in the hotel industry and hospitality in general in Croatia.

Vision: AECH is the leading professional association in the hospitality industry in the Republic of Croatia with long-term development goals in the hotel industry.

Mission: AECH mission is to bring together hotel companies and individuals to protect and promote common interests of all its members and entire hotel industry in Croatia.

AECH was established in 1992 as the Croatian Association of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs. In December, 2009. Assembly of Croatian Association of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs adopted a resolution to establish AECH as its successor.

AECH currently has in its membership 400 hotels (and similar establishments) operated by 200 companies from entire Croatia.

Strategic focus areas of AECH activities are:

  • Improvement of business regulation
  • HR and education
  • Cooperation with domestic and international stakeholders
  • Professional initiatives
  • EU funds & EU funded projects