Main goals

The fundamental purpose of AECH is a proactive approach to the creation of as favourable economic climate as possible and the gathering of managers, professionals and entrepreneurs to protect and promote common, especially professional interests of its members.

Starting from the need to raise the competitiveness of the Croatian hotel industry in an international environment as a basic guideline to design activities for tourism policy holders and key interest groups related to hospitality, therefore AECH sets the fundamental goal of their activity to:

  • increase competitiveness by raising the performance of the hotel business and ensuring incentive rates of return on funds invested in the sector, increase competitiveness through the creation of a market distinctive products based on the full value chain,
  • increase the competitiveness through conservation of the area as a fundamental resource essential for the long-term sustainable operation of hotels as well as quality development of the destinations
  • increase competitiveness through collaboration with other stakeholders in creating hospitality sector policy.

However, when referring to measures that are not in the jurisdiction of AECH, nor its individual members, then it is all about encouraging and supporting activities aimed at creation of modern integrated tourism products, and in particular for the following activities:

  • To balance conditions for fair competition on the national level and on the relevant international environment
  • To find solutions for ownership statuses, so called tourism land (property)
  • Protection and regulation for the use of space by applying EU standards in spatial planning
  • Adapting education to the contemporary needs of the sector
  • Strengthening the effectiveness of the overall promotion
  • Establishing a system for monitoring and raising quality of the destination
  • Development of small and medium enterprises in order to establish a comprehensive destination value chain
  • Stimulation of employment and motivation of managers and other employees in the sector.
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